Safe Syringe Exchange and Harm Reduction Program


We partner with the North Idaho Aids Coalition harm reduction program to bring a variety of harm reduction materials to the LRC. None of these items are in the public areas of our center. Harm reduction program items are accessed by contacting the recovery coach on duty.

These efforts include:

Naloxone: We have a small supply of this opiate reversal drug available free for high risk individuals.

Condom Shop: We have a variety of free condoms and related supplies.

Safe Syringe Exchange: Safe, free and anonymous syringes and other necessary items are available for IV drug users. SSE program participants need to take part in the HIV and Hep. C testing NIAC provides. This exchange is available Tues. and Thurs. from 4-7pm or by appointment, but closed May 18 and 20 due to staffing training.

HIV and Hep C. Testing: NIAC will provide free testing. Free and open to all.

HIV and HEP C. Testing Schedule for the year.

May 6 and 26, 12-2-HIV and Hep C testing

May 6th 12-2pm

May 26th 12-2pm

June 10th 12-2pm

June 24th 12-2pm

July 8th 12-2pm

July 21st 12-2pm

Aug 5th 12-2pm

Aug 19th 12-2pm

Sept. 2nd 12-2pm

Sept. 29th

Oct. 14th (Weather permitting)

Oct. 28th (Weather permitting)

Nov. 9th (Weather permitting)

Nov. 30th (Weather permitting)

Dec. 9th (Weather permitting)

Dec. 23rd (Weather permitting)