Latah Recovery Center: A Community of Peer Support

Our vision is to build a community of peer support for people with mental health and addiction issues.  Since opening September 1, 2015 we have:

  • Over 30000 visitors through the door-lots of repeat customers!
  • 20000 volunteer hours in over 3500 shifts.
  • Over 2000 referrals to community resources.
  • Over 20000 attendees of our various workshops and classes (Be sure to check our calendar!)
  • Over 10000 attendees of our various anonymous groups
  • 2000 Recovery Peer Volunteer coaching sessions

Our Mission:

The Latah Recovery Community Center, Inc. (The Center) is a private, nonprofit organization serving people who are in recovery from alcohol and other drug use or mental health disorders.  It is a partnership between people in recovery, family members, allies and local organizations who respect the dignity and equality of all people and who are dedicated to promoting healthy communities.

Our Vision:

The Center is committed to a peer support model and much of the work is done by volunteers who are in recovery.  The Center provides recovery support services that promote recovery through advocacy, education, and service.  The Center strives to end discrimination surrounding behavioral health issues and remove barriers to recovery while ensuring people in recovery and their supporters are valued with dignity and respect.  The Center seeks to be the voice for those in recovery.

The Center believes in meeting people where they are and not pushing one form of recovery over another.  We recognize there are many pathways to recovery and focus on potential, rather than pathology. It is not up to The Center to determine if someone is in recovery, but to the individual.  Individuals are considered to be in recovery if they say they are.  The Center offers hope of a new way of living and ongoing support.

Be sure to check our calendar to see whats happening this this month.

One thought on “Latah Recovery Center: A Community of Peer Support

  1. Can you send contact information for center in CdA? And your Gmail address on the home page does not work.


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