Take a Chance…

This note is the first in an occasional blog series from the Latah Recovery Center: www.latahrecoverycenter.org. 

If you had asked me in November 2014 what I would be doing today I wouldn’t have said “Running a recovery community center.”  My experience is nonprofit management.  I recruit volunteers.  Fundraise.  Organize.  I have little experience in recovery.  I don’t coach people with addictions and mental health issues! 

Back then I was working for the state, and had just taken on the task of leading a new exploratory committee.  That committee ultimately founded the Latah Recovery Center.  They also suggested I work for them.

Starting The Center was a longshot. 

Working there?  Leaving the security of my job?  Way WAY riskier.

I had to try. 

I have two desires in my work.  It should be interesting, and it should help others. Starting this center was a good chance to scratch those itches. 

Sometimes longshots pay off. 

Sometimes you have to take a chance to make a difference.

Since opening 9/1/15 we have had over 6000 visitors (we get a lot of repeat customers) attend our classes and groups,   1170 volunteer shifts have covered 4476 volunteer hours worked, our Recovery Peer Volunteers have provided over 600 coaching sessions.   Most importantly, our coaching program results in marked improvement in participants lives.  Multiple people tell me The Center has saved their lives.  If we closed tomorrow, we’ve already made a meaningful difference.

I’ve learned a lot about recovery this last year.  I’ve seen how hard it is.  I’ve watched people struggle constantly.  I’ve helped people take control of their lives.  I’ve learned an important lesson.  To make a change you have to take a chance.

If you are considering recovering from an addiction or mental health issue, I know it is hard.  I know it is scary. 

Take a chance.  Make a change.  It will be worth it.


Darrell Keim

Program Director

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