Write for You: Change of Season

by Nancy Casey

I’m writing this on a chilly, gray day. It’s pouring rain outside. That’s interesting, almost thrilling, because it’s been blisteringly hot here and it hasn’t rained like this for months. It’s the kind of day you can’t help but think about the changing season.

The season changes without any input from us. It never comes as much of a surprise. You can like it or not like it, but you can’t encourage it to arrive faster or tell it to wait. Ready or not. A new season. It’s yours.

To write about a changing season, have at least 2 pages handy. On one of them, draw a line lengthwise down the middle, and then draw another line across the middle of the page so that the page is divided into four boxes.

The left side of the page will be for the season that is coming on, and the right side of the page will be for the season that is giving way.

In the upper left box, write down all the things that you look forward to in the coming season.
To the right, in the upper right box, write down all the things that you will miss about the season that is almost gone.
Down in the lower left box, write down what you dread about the season to come.
In the remaining box, on the lower right, write down things that you are glad to see go away with the old season.

Fill up all the space on the page. Add illustrations as needed.

On the second page, write about a changing season makes you think of. What marks the change most for you? How are the changes about more than the weather? How do the changes affect your attitude?

Some people talk about life in terms of seasons, such as childhood, youth, and middle age. Careers and relationships can have seasons, too. There is a lot to say about seasons: how they change from one to the next, what we notice, and how it affects us.

Whatever you write, give both pages a title, and write the date on them, too. Here is an example of what a person could write.

Nancy Casey teaches writing classes at the Recovery Center on Thursdays. Check the calendar for classes and times, or just drop in. All are welcome. She coordinates Recovery Radio, which airs on KRFP 90.3 FM in Moscow, Thursdays at 1:05 PM. Recovery Radio needs on-air and off-air volunteers. Call the Recovery Center 208-883-1045 or email latahrecoverycenter@gmail.com for more information.


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