This Week at the Latah Recovery Community Center

Have you heard Recovery Radio? Thursdays, 1pm on KRFP. Or get the podcast!

One of the trainings we try to have all of our volunteers take is Mental Health First Aid. It is a great training. We’re pleased to see that Empower Idaho and U of I have teamed up to bring this to town on May 1. There is usually a cost, but this appears to be free. We encourage everyone reading this to register.

The latest writing prompt from Write for You is here:

We are filling an AmeriCorps/VISTA position. Application is currently up.;jsessionid=lZTFdf-nIfSYDjp17xNICaWngeQW1bb_xU8n6mKs8Px8Au-eXgoB!-1941309053?id=87113&fromSearch=true
Pertinent details: 12 month term, can be renewed up to 5 times. Vacation leave is 10 personal days and 10 sick per year. 40 hours per week. Living allowance of $1026/month. $12312/year gross. $6k student loan/very flexible education benefit per year served. End of service stipend of $1800. Also gives you advantage in federal hiring via noncompetitive eligibility for a year after service. Already receiving federal benefits? Get income disregard so you continue to receive them while serving.
We plan our VISTA to focus on outreach to rural and veteran populations; and marketing.
Starts May 13. Must enroll by April 22.
Here’s our April calendar.

Click to access april-2019-at-the-latah-recovery-center.pdf

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