Write for You: So Many Coats

by Nancy Casey

It’s summer, but most of us keep a coat handy. There are still chilly mornings and unexpected thunderstorms. It doesn’t always stay warm after the sun goes down. Before the hot days of midsummer make you forget about most of the coats you have ever owned, write about coats.

Write about a coat that you have worn, or are wearing. A coat you might wear or one you wish you could.

There is a lot to say about a coat. They have so many different features and uses. A coat pocket can have a whole world inside. Certain coats are appropriate—or not—for certain places.

Do you have a coat that you like, or dislike? Do you have a coat that helps you out a lot? A coat that annoys you? Have you ever shared a coat?

Every coat has a history. It was made and then what? Sold, bought, lost, found, borrowed, given away, ripped, mended, worn, dyed, went places…?

What if all the coats in the closet talked to each other?

If you mind travels sideways and starts thinking about a coat of paint, you can write about that. Maybe a coat of paint will remind you of coats of wax, sweat, plastic, dust, and other coats that are coatings.

Some coats are imaginary. Have you ever tried to wrap yourself in a coat of confidence? Sometimes people are burdened by heavy coats of grief. What would it feel like to wear a coat of reverence or pride? What’s it like to take off an imaginary coat?

Write about one coat or several of them. When you have finished writing, read over your work. Add decoration and color to the page if you would like. Sometimes a little doodling will help you think up a good title.

Write the title at the top, and make sure the date is on it somewhere, too. Here is an example of what a person could write.

You can share what you have written by posting it as a comment below. To do that, you can type in your work. Or post a picture of it.

Nancy Casey has lived in Latah County for many years. You can find more of her work here. She leads a writing workshop at the Recovery Center on Thursday evenings at 5pm. Anyone can drop in—just show up. You can attend just for fun or work to earn a writing certificate. To sign up or get more information, contact Nancy or the Latah Recovery Community Center.

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