Open House


The Latah Recovery Center will be holding a public open house on Saturday, February 6 from 1:30 to 5:00 in the afternoon.  The Center is located at 531 S. Main (old Wheatberries) in Moscow.  The Latah Recovery Center is a community of peer support for long term recovery from substance abuse and/or mental illness.  It is staffed primarily by volunteers who are in recovery and who mentor from their viewpoint of lived experience.  This peer relationship has proved very successful in other recovery centers across the nation to help individuals get started on and maintain a path to recovery.  The Latah Recovery Center is different from many of the existing centers in that it includes services for both substance abuse and mental illness, which often occur together in an individual who is seeking recovery.

Services are provided for individuals 18 years and older and are available for all of Latah County.  Services offered by the Center include peer to peer mentoring, resource referral, self-help group meetings, volunteer training, classes to help individuals acquire life skills, suicide prevention classes, smoking cessation classes.  Weekly and monthly schedules are posted in several places in Moscow.  The services are provided for anyone who requests them and, except for some volunteer trainings, are free.

The Open House will not only provide a picture of how the Center looks and works, but also information about self-help groups including Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, and North American Alliance for Mental Health; peer recovery coaching; dual diagnosis (mental health and substance abuse); and volunteering opportunities. The Center hopes to share this information not only with the general public, but also mental health providers, students, the medical community, educators, social service providers, criminal justice providers, and anyone who thinks the Center services may help someone YOU know. 



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