This Week at the Latah Recovery Center

Would you like to know how to identify and assist someone in mental health crisis?  Our upcoming Mental Health First Aid course is for you!  Topics include anxiety, depression, psychosis and addictions.  Cost is $25.  The Latah Recovery Center has made a limited number of $12.50 scholarships available to our registered volunteers and full scholarships to our Recovery Peer Volunteers.  Contact to find out how to register or to apply for a scholarship.
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Needed:  Table Captains.
We are looking for table captains for our March 8, 7am Fundraising Breakfast.  If you’d like to help The Center AND have breakfast with your friends at the University Inn, contact Darrell ( to see how it works.

January at the Latah Recovery Center

Alcoholics Anonymous                                                  Every day, noon

Positive Affirmations                                                     Mondays and Weds 1:10-2

Moscow Gathering 2017 Point in Time Event               Monday 1/30, 2-5

YOU Can Create Your Own Job                                    Monday 1/2, 6

Life Skills                                                                       Mondays and Tuesdays 5-6

Chess w/Steve                                                                Tues and Thurs 5-6

LRC Board of Directors meeting                                    Tuesday 1/10, 4-5:30

Recovery Coaching:  Burn out/Self-Care Webinar                   Wednesday 1/11, 10

Writing Journeys w/Nancy and Ginger                          Wednesdays, 4-5

LAMI:  Family Support Program                                   2nd Thurs of month 7-8:30

Knitting and Spinning                                                    Fridays 2-5

Moscow Gathering 2017 Point in Time Event               Friday 1/27, 2-5

All Recovery Meeting                                                     Fridays 5-6

Movie/Games: Puss in Boots, Big, Good Dinosaur, The Toy, How to Train Your Dragon    Fridays 6:30-9

AA Speakers Meeting                                                    3rd Sat of month 11-2:30

Learn to Crochet & Rewire your Brain                          4th Sat of month, 10-12

New Years Eve-Hobbit Movie Marathon and Potluck  12/31, 1pm to 1/1, 11am

Adult Children of Alcoholics, Women’s Meeting    Sundays 6-7:30 

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID 2/1-2, 4-8pm at the Pittman Center on campus.  Cost is $25.  Email for registration details.


Please RSVP. Bolded=Regular offering.  Plain text=Special offering for month.

Need an understanding person to talk to?  We have Recovery Peer Volunteers here to help you in recovery from mental health and addiction issues all hours of operation. We are here to help!

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