Write For You: Change?

by Nancy Casey

Everything changes always.  Or at least that’s what they say.  Who is “they?”

Poets and philosophers.  Therapists and counselors.  Geologists.  Stock brokers.  You? 

Will the sun stop being round?  Will you get different parents someday?  Is water always wet?

As you clear a space for your writing materials, think about what does and doesn’t change in the world.  Loosen up your hands, fingers, arms and torso.  Move your legs around under you to get comfortable.  As you do so, start making a list in your head of things that are unlikely to change.

When you are ready, begin to write that list on the page.  Come up with five or ten things that don’t or can’t change.  If you have to wait for ideas to trickle into your head, doodle in the margins around the edge of the page. 

Choose one of the items you have listed, and write about why it is probably going to stay the same.  Tell what would have to happen for it to change and what would be different about the world if it did. 

For instance, what would it take for the sun to stop being round?  The intervention of aliens, perhaps.  Or the galaxy swinging into a new dimension where there were only straight lines?  Maybe just a special pair of glasses that made everything into triangles.

What would the world be like under this new sun?  How will plants grow?  Will skin cancer be an issue?  How will sunrise and sunset look different?  What will the new sunglasses be like?  Will there be any changes to your shadow?

Maybe you will write a lot about one thing on your list.  Or maybe you would rather write a little bit about each thing.  When you have finished, give your work a title and write the date on the page.

Here are some other examples of things you might write.

Throughout the week, continue to notice what does and doesn’t change.  Make a second list of things that you are certain will change.  Write about the things on that list by telling why you know they will change and how the world would be different if they stayed the same. 

Maybe you’ll find you need a third category for listing things that might change.  You might be able to break that down into “probably will change” and “probably won’t change.”

If you think and write about change for a week, you will become a philosopher.  What is change, exactly?  Does everything change or is that just a cool thing to say?  Have your ideas about change changed?

Nancy Casey is a writer and teacher who has lived in rural Latah County for many years.  You can see more of her work here.  Nancy will begin teaching writing classes at the Latah Recovery Center on Thursdays beginning April 6.  Watch the schedule for more details.



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