This Week at the Latah Recovery Center

This weeks Write for You blog by Nancy Casey is here:

Nancy is also doing a radio show, and could use your help!  Contact us to find out how.  Listen to the show here:

We have a few specials this week at The Center:

4/11, 4pm is our monthly Board meeting.

4/12, 12-1 is a webinar on SMART Goal setting

4/13, 7-8:30 Latah Alliance on Mental Illness:  Family Support program is meeting.  This group is support for families that have a member dealing with mental illness.

4/15, Alcoholics Anonymous is having a speakers meeting from 11-2:30.  It is open to nonmembers.

We have two mental health related conferences coming to town:

  1. NAMI spring conference May 20-see attached flyer for details.
  2. Palouse Continuing Education Consortium has an excellent opportunity to earn CEUs at their Spring conference.  The CEUs are sponsored by WSU Counseling and Psychological Services.

Workshop description:

Are you working with your clients for an hour and coming back to square one next week?

As health providers and educators, lately, have you felt tired, exhausted, powerless, burned-out, worried, and even short of breath?


Health care providers are in the front line of facing the traumatic stress of modern society, whether it’s presented with client’s unsafe behaviors, hostile attitude, or worsening symptoms. Mental health professionals may find some clients’ intense emotions intimidating. Body-focused health professionals may feel frustrated with some clients’ tendency to coming back to the exact same pain spots.


This workshop is designed to quickly equip you with basic resilience to traumatic stress. Through recent developments in neuroscience research and somatic psychology, you will gain a better understanding of how traumatic stress affects our body and brain.


By applying basic principles, we will together explore ways to enhance our own self-regulation and explore possible ways to facilitate clients moving forward. Also, by understanding how unprocessed trauma is stored in both body and mind, we will gain the initial capacity to collaborate with other health professionals to build a better trauma prevention and recovery network.

Potential participants for this workshop:

Mental health providers (counselor, social workers, psychologists)

Body-focused professionals (massage therapists, physical therapist, occupational therapists, acupuncturist)

Medical providers (nurses, doctors)

Educators (teachers and school psychologists who are interested in developing trauma-inform schools to serve students from underprivileged background)



Chia-Chi (Alicia) Hu, Ph.D., Psychologist in Private Practice


Before completing her counseling psychology doctoral dissertation in adult children-parent attachment, Alicia was trained and worked as a university counselor in Taiwan. Since 2008, she specialized in the trauma recovery field. In recent years, she received further training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, an approach in somatic psychology that integrates interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory.


With her Eastern background and interest, she received yoga RYT-200 training and other body-based movement techniques rooted in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Understanding how traumatic stress is often stored in the body, she is going through TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercise) training this year.


Currently, she provides individual and conjoint therapy in Moscow, Idaho. With the goal of promoting trauma-informed care and trauma-sensitive schools, she wrote a popular psychology book in Chinese Mandarin in 2014.  Most recently, she co-created, along with Ann Westcott, a series of three trauma resilience children storybooks in English, which will be published in both the UK and the US later this year.


———- Forwarded message ———-



Palouse Continuing Education Consortium

Spring Workshop

May 5, 2017 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Gladish Community and Cultural Center

115 NW State St. Pullman Washington


Two Opportunities for Continuing Education

Register for Just One or Both

Registration ends April 28, 2017

8:30 am to 11:45 pm

Mind, Mood, Meds, and More

Presented by

William Cone, MD


v  Understanding of Psychiatric Treatment, its Role and Interface with Other Professions

v  Basic Principles of Neuroscience underlying the Treatment of Mental Illness

v  Principles of Medication Treatment of Mood, Sleep, and Substance Use Disorders and the Overall Care of Those with These Conditions

v  Knowledge of Role of Complementary and Alternative Treatments in Mental Illness

1:15 pm to 4:30 pm

Building Resilience Toward Trauma Based on Neuroscience and Somatic Psychology

Presented by

Chia-Chi(Alicia) Hu, PhD


v  Window of Tolerance and 3 Different Arousal Levels

v  Traumatic Stress and Self-Destructive Behaviors from a Neuroscience and Interpersonal Neurobiology Perspective

v  Identify Somatic Signs of Dysregulation

v  Self-Regulation Strategies to Prevent Vicarious Trauma

v  Results and Implication of ACE Study


Cost for one            $45 Professional                Cost for Both          $90 Professional

$25 Student                                                            $50 Student


Register on Evenbrite

Lunch on your Own


Here is our April calendar!

April at the Latah Recovery Center

Alcoholics Anonymous                                                                       Every day, noon

Positive Affirmations                                                                          Mondays and Weds 1:10-2

YOU Can Create Your Own Job                                                       Monday 4/3, 6

Life Skills                                                                                            Tuesdays 5-6

Chess w/Steve                                                                                     Tues and Thurs 5-6

Narcotics Anonymous                                                                         Tuesdays and Fridays 5:30-6:30

Domestic Abuse Support Group                                                         Tuesdays 6-7

Prescription Addiction Support Group                                               Tuesdays 7-8

SMART Goal Setting                                                                         Wednesday, April 12 12-1

Parenting Support Group                                                                    Wednesday 10-11am starting 4/19

Families and Caregivers of Addicts Support Group                          Wednesdays 6-7

Get It Written (Writing Group)                                                          Thursdays 11-12 AND 6-7

Write For You                                                                                     Thursdays 3-4

New Volunteer Orientation                                                                Thursdays 4-5

LAMI:  Family Support Program                                                       2nd Thurs of month 7-8:30

Knitting and Spinning                                                                        Fridays 2-4

All Recovery Meeting                                                                         Fridays 5-6

Movie/Games: F. Gump, H. Gilmore, Legally Blonde, Dodgeball    Fridays 6:30-9

BINGO!                                                                                              Sat. April 22, 4-8

AA Speakers Meeting                                                                         3rd Sat of month 11-2:30

Learn to Crochet & Rewire your Brain                                              4th Sat of month, 10-12

Adult Children of Alcoholics, Women’s Meeting                              Sundays 6-7:30


RSVP Bolded=Regular offering.  Plain text=Special offering for month.

Need an understanding person to talk to?  We have Recovery Peer Volunteers here to help you in recovery from mental health and addiction issues all hours of operation. We are here to help!


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