This Week at the Latah Recovery Center

Lots of stuff going on!
Want to help with Recovery Radio?  Read on!!!
This week on Recovery Radio the theme will be “Words in Recovery.”  What is a word that has been significant for you in your recovery?  A word you say or think often?  A word for something that you have learned?  A word that describes your experience?

We would like to have at least one word for every letter of the alphabet, so please send in your words! Also tell us why that word is a good one.
You can send in your entries by writing a comment to this message.  You can email an entry to
Or you can write it down and drop it off at the Recovery Center 531 S. Main Street in Moscow.
You can also call 208-882-1045 and tell the volunteer at the desk about your word.
Recovery Radio always needs helpers.  The show airs from 1:10-2:00 p.m. on Thursdays on KRFP 90.3 FM and online at  We need help with the content of the show.  We need people who want to interview other people.  Thursday mornings we work on organizing the show face-to-face, and during the week we have email conversations about it.  Leave your contact info with the Recovery Center to join us.
The next in Nancy Casey’s ongoing Write for You series is here:
In addition to our regular weekly offerings we have some Special Offerings this week:
4/22 10-Noon:  Learn to Crochet and Re-Wire Your Brain
4/22 4-8pm:  BINGO!
Mark your calendar for these special MAY offerings:

May 2 (and every Tuesday after), 12:30-1:30 YOGA sponsored by Moscow Yoga Center

May 4, 4pm Intro to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
May 18-Idaho Department Of Corrections Free 2 Succeed mentoring program 5-9pm

April at the Latah Recovery Center

Alcoholics Anonymous                                                                       Every day, noon

Positive Affirmations                                                                          Mondays and Weds 1:10-2

YOU Can Create Your Own Job                                                       Monday 4/3, 6

Life Skills                                                                                            Tuesdays 5-6

Chess w/Steve                                                                                     Tues and Thurs 5-6

Narcotics Anonymous                                                                         Tuesdays and Fridays 5:30-6:30

Domestic Abuse Support Group                                                         Tuesdays 6-7

Prescription Addiction Support Group                                               Tuesdays 7-8

SMART Goal Setting                                                                         Wednesday, April 12 12-1

Parenting Support Group                                                                    Wednesday 10-11am starting 4/19

Families and Caregivers of Addicts Support Group                          Wednesdays 6-7

Get It Written (Writing Group)                                                          Thursdays 11-12 AND 6-7

Write For You                                                                                     Thursdays 3-4

New Volunteer Orientation                                                                Thursdays 4-5

LAMI:  Family Support Program                                                       2nd Thurs of month 7-8:30

Knitting and Spinning                                                                        Fridays 2-4

All Recovery Meeting                                                                         Fridays 5-6

Movie/Games: F. Gump, H. Gilmore, Legally Blonde, Dodgeball    Fridays 6:30-9

BINGO!                                                                                              Sat. April 22, 4-8

AA Speakers Meeting                                                                         3rd Sat of month 11-2:30

Learn to Crochet & Rewire your Brain                                              4th Sat of month, 10-12

Adult Children of Alcoholics, Women’s Meeting                              Sundays 6-7:30 


RSVP Bolded=Regular offering.  Plain text=Special offering for month.

Need an understanding person to talk to?  We have Recovery Peer Volunteers here to help you in recovery from mental health and addiction issues all hours of operation. We are here to help!

2 thoughts on “This Week at the Latah Recovery Center

  1. Hi Darrell … thanks for posting everything. I have never done the RC Volunteer Training, so I’d like to sign up for that. I’m interested in getting some peer training, too. Sharlisa suggested I check with you about training that is coming up.

    Thanks, Nancy


    1. Nancy, The New Volunteer Orientation is every Thursday, 4-5pm. Just let Mike R. know you want to take the training when you see him that day. It will be about another month (likely June) before we do Recovery Peer Volunteer Training. We need at least ten people for this, so I offer it roughly quarterly.


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