May at the Latah Recovery Center

Lots going on in May!
We are now on Twitter.  Join us @LatahRecoveryCr
In addition to our full calendar of regular groups, look for these special offerings:
1.  Want to make a difference by mentoring people as they come out of corrections?  We have the program for you!  Idaho Department of Corrections Free2Succeed Mentoring Training May 18, 5-9.  Go to for full details.
2.  Intro to Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint 5/25 and 6/1, 6-7:30.
3.  Peer Social Activity.  Last month was bingo and a potluck.  What will it be this month?  Come find out May 27, 4-8pm.
Thank you to Moscow Yoga Center for hosting Yoga at The Center Tuesdays, 4-8pm!
Have you heard of Recovery Radio?  Recovery Radio is produced by volunteers from the Latah Recovery Center.  (Volunteers like you, perhaps?) It airs locally on Thursdays at 1:05 PM on KRFP 90.3 FM, and we are trying to turn it into a podcast.  This week the topic is “Being Shy.”  What does it mean to be “shy”?  What does “shy” feel like?  Is it a bad thing?  Should you try to get over it?  Is everybody shy some off the time?  We don’t know the answers to these questions.  Do you have some thoughts?  You can write your ideas as a comment to this message or email  Or call in your thoughts: 208-883-1045.  What other topics should we be considering?
Here’s the latest from our Write for You blog:
Did you know we have a wishlist at Amazon?  Check it out, and help us out!
Want to be a Recovery Coach?  The next training is coming soon.  And here’s the good news.  It is in Coeur d’Alene June 5-10!  Go here for details:
DANG, LOTS GOING ON!  Here is our calendar:

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