Write for You: An Article of Clothing

by Nancy Casey

Today you will be writing about an article of clothing.  Something you are wearing right now.

You can consider “clothing” in broad terms.  It can be a shirt or a sock.  Or it can be glasses, nail polish, or a cane. Anything from underwear to accessories and everything in between.  As long as you are wearing it right now and plan to keep wearing it for a big chunk of the day.

It’s best to decide what article of clothing you will actually write about at the moment you begin writing, even if a pretty good idea comes to mind while you are getting your writing materials together.  You can always write about the pretty-good idea later, but even if the new idea is a great one, you probably won’t remember it later.

So pick up the pen, look down at yourself and ask, “What article of clothing should I write about?” Go with whatever answer pops into your mind. 

You will be writing about that article of clothing from three different perspectives:

1.      First tell about the article of clothing you’ve chosen.  How you came to own it, why you are wearing it, what it looks and feels like, what it reminds you of, whether or not you like it, and so forth. There are likely dozens of things you can say about it.  You are the one wearing it, so tell everything you can.

2.      Then write as though you are the article of clothing itself and tell the story of “your” life.  Describe yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your worries and joys.  Tell your earliest memories, where you live now, how you spend your days and what you hope to get from this day.

3.      Write as though you were the article of clothing again, but this time, write as though the clothing is talking to you.  (Even if it feels weird, you can pretend this once.)  Specifically, write as though the clothing is giving you a pep talk.  The clothing will have a good day if you do, so what’s that clothing going to do help that happen?  Write it up in the form of a little speech, from the clothing to you.

When you have finished, give your work a title.  Using both a title and three subtitles could be a nice touch.  Doodles and illustrations are always appropriate.  Be sure to put the date somewhere on the page.  Here is an example of what you could write.

Try this exercise throughout the week with different articles of clothing.  You can branch out if you like and write about any one of your possessions. 

Do you have clothing or possessions that thwart you?  You can write about them, too.

Nancy Casey teaches writing classes at the Recovery Center on Thursdays.  Check the calendar for classes and times.  All are welcome.  She coordinates Recovery Radio, which airs on KRFP 90.3 FM in Moscow Thursdays at 1:05 PM. Recovery Radio needs on-air and off-air volunteers.  Call the Recovery Center  208-883-1045 or email latahrecoverycenter@gmail.com for more information.



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