This Week at the Latah Recovery Center

I’m at the Multiple Pathways to Recovery Conference put on by the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery getting lots of ideas to bring back.  While the boss is gone, the staff will play.  If we were a furniture store, we’d have a sale.  Here’s what’s keeping everyone busy at The Center.

The latest from our Write for You blog:

If you are interested in becoming a trained Recovery Coach check the attached flyer for info on a training soon in Lewiston.  Space is limited, and there are a couple scholarships available to our CURRENT LRC volunteers.  Certified Recovery Coaches can be employed at area SUD service providers.  RC Training Lewiston

Don’t miss the movie and discussion hosted by the League of Women Voters!  Resilience Poster – Moscow

This Week:  In addition to our regularly scheduled offerings detailed below, here are some specials:
Stepping Into a Healthier Life:  Nutrition 10/27, 4-5pm
Learn How to Crochet and Calm Your Mind:  10/28, 10-12
Bingo:  10/28, 4-8pm

…and here is a sneak peak at some of our November special offerings:
Coffee with a Cop:  11/15, 7am AND 7pm.
What is AA: TBD
Building Resilience by Exploring Body’s Hidden Strengths (a series by Alicia Hu) 1.  Embracing Body’s Natural Defense Strategies:  11/9, 5:30-6:30  2. Understanding Body’s Capacity to Adjust to a Harsh Environment:  11/16, 5:30-6:30
Computer 101:  11/30, 7-8pm
Here’s the entire schedule!
October at the Latah Recovery Center
Alcoholics Anonymous                                                                                      Every day, noon
Positive Affirmations                                                                                          Mondays and Weds 1:10-2
Make Your Hobby Pay                                                                                      1st Monday of month, 6-7pm
College and Career Info by Palouse Pathways                                             Monday, 6:30-8 10/23
Refuge Recovery 420 E. 2nd St                                                                         Mondays, 7pm
Yoga (Hosted by Moscow Yoga Ctr)                                                              Tuesdays 12:30-1:30
Life Skills                                                                                                              Tuesdays 5-6
Chess w/Steve                                                                                                      Tues and Thurs 5-6
Narcotics Anonymous                                                                                        Tuesdays and Fridays 6-7
Domestic Abuse Support Group                                                                       Tuesdays 6-7
Art w/Alex                                                                                                             Tuesdays 7-8
Prescription Addiction Support Group                                                             Tuesdays 7-8
Families and Caregivers of Addicts Support Group                                      Wednesdays 6-7
How Are We Doing?  Q and A with the Director                                            Wednesday, 6-8pm 10/11
Recovery International:  Mental Health Self-Help                                      Wednesdays, 6:30-8
New Volunteer Orientation                                                                                Thursdays 4-5
LAMI:  Family Support Program                                                                     2nd Thurs of month 7-8:30
All Recovery Meeting                                                                                         Fridays 5-6
Stepping Into a Healthier Life: Exercise                                                         Friday 4-5, 10/13
Stepping Into a Healthier Life: Nutrition                                                        Friday 4-5 10/27
Computer 101                                                                                                      Friday 7-8, 10/13
Movie/Games:  Check website for listing                                                       Fridays 6:30-9
Bingo                                                                                                                     Saturday, 10/28 4-8
AA Speakers Meeting                                                                                        3rd Saturday of month, 11-2:30
Learn How to Crochet & Calm Your Mind                                                    4th Sat of month, 10-12
Adult Children of Alcoholics, Women’s Meeting                                          Sundays 6-7:30
RSVP Bolded=Regular offering.  Plain text=Special offering for month.
Need an understanding person to talk to?  We have Recovery Peer Volunteers here to help you in recovery from mental health and addiction issues all hours of operation. We are here to help!

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