Interesting Data from the Latah Recovery Center

Latah Recovery Center Supporter:

As I prepared for a couple of important fundraising presentations I did a little research on changes in local crime rates. I think you will be pleased by the data I found. It is in the press release I copied below.
I thank you for YOUR part in making this happen.
Yours Truly,

Drug and alcohol related crimes are significantly down in Moscow.
Moscow measures crime in 36 categories. 23 of those categories are down from 2013 to 2016. More importantly, crimes the Latah Recovery Center likely impacts are down substantially: drug related calls down 28%, alcohol offenses down 51%, and intoxicated persons down 30%.
In speaking with Moscow Police Chief Fry to determine if there were any procedural or enforcement changes that might account for these large drops, he said that first time alcohol possession had changed from a misdemeanor to an infraction. No other significant changes on his end. He believes the opening of both the Community Hospital Association of Spokane clinic and Latah Recovery Center around 2013, and the Hope Center’s continued efforts deserve much of the credit.

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