This Week at the Latah Recovery Center

Thanksgiving at the Latah Recovery Center was FANTASTIC! Thanks to the hard work of our staff, RJ and Shaun, and numerous volunteers, we provided a Thanksgiving meal to over 40 people. The LRC is thankful for YOU for helping make such a special event happen for our recovery community.

December is almost here. Here are a few of the special events we have lined up. MARK YOUR CALENDAR!
1. 2nd Monday, 4-5pm Eat Smart Idaho: Free Nutrition Class
2. 12/1/18: Appaloosa Horse Club. We will meet there at 11 am Saturday
3. 12/6/18, 4-8 Alt Giving Market at 1912 Center
4. No prescription addiction support group on Tuesdays; starting in December.
5. No Narcotics Anonymous on Mondays also; starting in December.
6. The Christmas party potluck is December 20th at 6:00pm.

Write for You has another writing prompt for you to practice with:

…and Recovery Radio is always available to download off Googleplay or iTunes. Or listen live on Thursdays 1pm on KRFP!

Here’s the November calendar:

Click to access november-2018-at-the-latah-recovery-center.pdf

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