This Week at the Latah Recovery Community Center

Exciting couple of weeks at the Latah Recovery Community Center!
We have begun construction on the Crisis Services addition to our Center. This service will allow us to be part of the Rural Crisis Center Network. The RCCN is a network of local professionals working together to provide these services in several area communities. These professionals will help us by screening to make sure they are appropriate for our center, provide counseling and other local resources-all in a restful and soothing environment for up to 23 hours. This should have many positive impacts in our community. We plan to begin providing this service in August. Contact Darrell at if you have questions!

Details are also becoming clearer on the funding we will receive for rural and veteran outreach. For now I can tell you that we are hoping to extend our volunteer based services iinto Potlatch, Troy/Deary and, hopefully Kendrick. Contact Amber at if you have questions!

Here’s the latest writing prompt from our Write for You group:

We have new episodes of Recovery Radio available for download. Find them on our website, iTunes or Googleplay. The latest episode has Denise and Jonny talking about what an AA meeting is like.

Jannus, Inc. is bringing a great looking Peer Connections Conference coming to Moscow in September. CEUs available. Details here:

Here’s our June Calendar:

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