Adding Crisis Services at Latah Recovery Center-and Weekly Announcements

We’ve had a lot of questions about the crisis services we are adding.    This article does an excellent job of describing the effort.  Ask questions if you have them.
TONIGHT and TOMORROW we have Recovery Peer Volunteer Training, 6-9pm at the LRC.  If you want to learn how to coach people in behavioral health recovery this is an excellent introduction.  AND, it’s part of the eligibility requirements for our more advanced volunteer levels!
Don’t miss:
Here’s the latest writing prompt from Write for You:
We still have two GREAT National Recovery Month events coming up:9/21-morning:  Stop by the steps Moscow City Hall for a devastating display on the deaths in Idaho caused by Opioids.9/28-2-8 at the fairgrounds is our annual recovery festival.  Food, fun, and inspiration are guaranteed.
Here’s the September calendar.

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