This Week at the Latah Recovery Center

Life has been exciting at the LRC!
Last week our new behavioral health crisis center opened.  We’ve already had several clients come in and that needed to use this safe and secure facility .as a place to calm down, regroup, and start planning how to move forward.
Our rural outreach efforts in Deary/Kendrick and Potlatch are starting to gain some steam-expect All Recovery meetings in each town by the end of the month.
Here are some new or one time offerings coming up in Moscow::1. We have a monthlong series on Time Management and Organization kicking off on Tuesday November 5, from 7-8pm.2. We’re also starting a new monthly “give back” event-this is the recovery community’s chance to give back to our town.  We kick it off with Pay It Back: Leaf Pick-Up Downtown. Wednesday 11/6, 2-4:30.  B.Y.O. rakes and tools!3. Thanksgiving Dinner is 11/21 6-8pm
Our full calendar is here:

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